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Wolfe Plumbing, Inc. performs many services on projects including the following:
  • Residential new construction plumbing
  • Residential remodel
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures
  • Residential plumbing design
  • Re-pipe existing plumbing
  • Water heater repair and replacement
  • Installation of recirculating hot water system
  • Commercial remodel and tenant improvement
  • Domestic boiler systems
  • Installation of backflow prevention devices
  • Inspection for double check valves
  • Parking garage plumbing
  • Plumbing to and from trench drains
  • Plumbing for sand/oil interceptors
  • Commercial new construction plumbing on:
    • Mixed use apartments
    • High- rises
    •  Warehouses
    •  Hotels
    •  Restaurants
    • Grocery stores
    • Medical facilities
    • Assisted living
    • And more
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Wolfe Plumbing recognized the need in the industry for a maintenance program that truly understands your building’s plumbing. We found that most customers in today’s busy world, either do not have the time or understanding of a complicated mechanical plumbing system, and when not maintained properly will have costly issues, repairs, and failures.

If a boiler system is not properly maintained, no warranty no matter how long or great will cover broken parts due to lack of maintenance. All boilers must have required maintenance twice a year, mixing valves must be cleaned at least once a year. Condensate Neutralizer’s maintenance requires that at least once a year their media is changed to meet city PH run-off water requirements.

Drinking fountains and ice machines need their filters replaced, expansion tanks need to be checked for leaks and correct pressure. Recirculation pumps need to be maintained and your stormwater and wastewater pumps must be checked for debris and proper function before they cause you a costly flood or backup.

Because the Wolfe family has been a design-build plumbing contractor for over 35 years, we believe WP is more qualified than many other contractors to understand the demands and maintenance of today’s complicated systems.

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